In this week’s Falling Skies episode Journey to Xibalba Tom told his boys about Anne and the baby, explosions halted preparations for war, and the mole was finally uncovered.

The Breakdown

In this week’s Falling Skies the episode started with Weaver and Peralta discussing the defense grid and the team’s preparation against attack.

Pope saw Tom arrive back via boat to Charleston with a vengeance. Tom told everyone about losing Anne and the baby and seemed ready to fight back and take Karen down.

When Tom asked Pope to take him out if he is infected with a worm, Pope of course agreed. Suddenly an explosion sent everyone flying, injuring Cochise. Tom and Pope took Cochise to the hospital where it became evident that he would not survive.

Lourdes planted a bomb inside of the hospital. More explosions sent everyone reeling. Hal and Maggie were stuck alone within the rubble. Tom and the team tried to get everyone out alive.

With many suspicions piling up, Lourdes was finally confronted by Tom and the team. Her role as the mole was finally exposed. Lourdes tried to save herself with her hopped up gun, but her efforts were fruitless as she was outnumbered.

More blasts came; this time from the team in an attempt to clear the rubble. Their efforts worked. Hal and Maggie were saved while the other two Mason boys worked on saving others.

The Volm weapon could not be completed because all of the explosions took out the Volm team. But suddenly Cochise repaired himself and Tom told him that he thought Dr. Cadar could help with the weapon.

The Analysis

Journey to Xibalba was just a so-so episode of Falling Skies.  It actually seemed a little “blah” and boring to me.

Lourdes was finally found out without causing too much harm. The scene where everyone confronted her and she pulled out her gun was not even very dramatic.

The scene with Hal and Maggie buried in rubble was also very boring and a little bit cheesy, if you ask me.

This week seemed to be more of a filler-episode, on our way to the final episode. I am wondering if some huge surprises will happen next week. I would like to see that Anne and the baby are actually still alive! I think we are all anticipating that Tom, Weaver, and the gang will take Karen down, but hopefully it will be action-packed.

There is only one Falling Skies left this season. Be sure to watch the season finale to see how this all wraps up!