Conan TrilogyEver since Conan The Destroyer came out, fans assumed that one day we’d get a third Conan film, where we’d finally see him ascend to his throne. As it turns out, we may not only get such a film, but it may be the first in a new Conan trilogy. That’s right. No junk remake. No reimagining. But the real Conan, swingin’ steel, and punching camels. Just as Crom intended. Paradox Entertainment are the current property holders of the franchise, and their CEO & President, Fredrik Malmberg had a few words to say about the Conan rumors:

“Oh, it’s happening. We have a great story. Everyone loves it. This is a role that’s perfect for [Arnold] and he’s very involved with the whole Universal team. It’s the best team they have. Arnold has been very instrumental to bringing this together saying, ‘We gotta make a good Conan!’ I think if we do this right, we can do two more ‘Conan’ movies right after. I think ‘Game of Thrones’ also shows a huge interest in fantasy. I’m psyched about it.”

Regarding who’s handling the franchise:

“[The script is] by the whole ‘Fast and the Furious’ team, which is great for a power position of the studio because they’re extremely successful. It was the biggest movie, and if anyone knows how to build a franchise, it is that team. It’s Chris Morgan and Jeffery Kirschenbaum, the head of Universal. Arnold is very excited. It’s just in the phase where it takes a lot of work to get the script just right.”

What to expect from the Conan trilogy:

“The idea is that this takes place after Conan has been king. But this is the legend of Conan where he has been gone and people say, ‘Do you remember the good ol’ days when Conan was around?’ And now it’s time for him to come back. In the stories and you can also see it when he’s sitting on the thrown and the narration on that last scene of the movie…’with a troubled brow’ …you can tell he’s not really happy being king. So, it’s time for him to go out and do battle.”

In regards to Arnold’s age, Fredrik is one of the smart few that realize that like a fine punch to the face…ah who cares about a fancy quip, it’s Arnold, he’ll outlive us all and bench-press our respective caskets:

“That’s what we hope. In fact Arnold – judging by other classic actors like Eastwood who’s in his 80s – still looks badass. I think if this film is good and is well received, then I don’t think we have to say ‘no’ to Arnold for several more movies. We can keep going forward, even after he ages.”

I love the idea of Arnold’s return to the role of Conan. The remake sucked, as all Arnold remakes do, and prove just how important the man is to these types of roles. He has such a work ethic, passion, and concern for these movies that I know he won’t let us down with another book added to Conan’s legacy. People may wonder if Arnold can get in shape at his age, well, one only need to look at Stallone, who’s even older.

This is what’s good in life, Conan.

SOURCE: Screenrant