Rocky spin-offThe King of Sting, The Master Blaster, The Count of Montefisto, Apollo Creed is back. Well, sort of. It was recently reported that a spin-off of the Rocky series is going into production, about the grandson of the late Apollo Creed who realizes he has a talent for the ring and wants to get involved. Stallone is apparently going to take up his role as Rocky Balboa again, becoming a trainer/mentor to Apollo’s grandson.

The director and star of Fruitvale Station, an award-winning Sundance Film Festival picture, are reuniting for the film.

I’m honestly not too sure how I feel about the film. Rocky Balboa was an absolutely perfect way to end the series, and this just feels unnecessary.  There was already a film with Rocky training someone, and to be honest, I don’t really feel like I need to see it again. In the end, I trust that Stallone will take proper care of the film and see to it that it does the name of Rocky and Apollo Creed justice.

SOURCE: Latino Review