Abagail Breslin, known best for her role in the indie darling Little Miss Sunshine and zombie comedy Zombieland, is set to join Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film Maggie, which tells the story of a father whose daughter is infected by a zombie virus sweeping the country. This is sure to get folks talking, while the Black List script by writer John Scott 3 has already been generating buzz in Hollywood. Breslin will, naturally, be playing daughter Maggie of title.

No word yet on any more details of the film (I’ve done the minimal amount of research and may be wrong) so no firm knowledge on whether Schwarzenegger will be trying to find a cure while Maggie is transforming, or if he will be dealing with a full-blown zombie Maggie Castingrunning around and jumping on beds. Seriously though, this sounds like a great combination for a script that gotten a lot of notice, and I always like it when Arnold breaks free from the action mold to play something just a little different. Of course, if he’s roaming around the country brandishing a shotgun like he’s in a Resident Evil game, then I’ll have to eat those words.

Maggie is set to begin production this fall, will be directed by Henry Hobson (known mostly as a title and credits design director), with Schwarzenegger also serving as a producer.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter