One of the most buzzed films at Comic-Con 2013 so far is the follow-up to 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man. Word is that Sony has taken full advantage of the event and made a pretty big impact on yesterday’s panel before the likes of Marvel and Warner Brothers has a chance to enter Hall H.

Comic-Con 2013 Amazing Spider-Man 2So here is the breakdown of yesterday’s panel for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

  • Video opening of Spider-Man breaking into Comic Con 2013 in suit. This was the video intro the event.
  • Andrew Garfield soon after joins his crew on stage and wearing the costume.
  • Andrew Garfield apparently had a few laughs for the audience while in costume.
  • Emma Stone greets the audience in a video and says that she is overseas filming a Woody Allen movie
  • Emma Stone’s video begins getting cut-off by Max Dillon/Electro (Jamie Foxx) as he sings an eerie version of “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider”
  • Video ends and Jamie Foxx joins the panel followed by applause.
  • Andrew Garfield as Spidey, “I love Django.” Foxx’s reply, I like the way you die boy.”
  • The two lead actors supposedly joked around for a while, discussing Any Given Sunday, and doing beat-box routines.
  • Jamie Foxx then began talking about the complex nature of his role as Max Dillon/Electro.
  • Foxx explains that Max Dillon has been betrayed by love, his own family, and even his job. He also says that he is the first cinematic black man to ever sport a combover.
  • Director Marc Webb then describes how great it was to be liberated from the constraints of executing an origin story for the sequel.

After all the discussion, then it was time for the trailer. Here is a breakdown of the footage.

  • Trailer begins with a truck driving fast down New York City.
  • The truck is being chased by police cars and we see Paul Giamatti as Aleksei Sytsevich / The Rhino behind the wheel.
  • Voiceover from Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker: “You know what I love about being Spider-Man? Everything!”
  • Spider-Man swings on-screen and beats Aleksei, leaving him knocked unconscious, webbed, and with his pants down.
  • Crowd cheers the hero after his victory.
  • Cut in the mix is the first introduction between Max Dillon and Spidey.
  • Dillon appears Star Struck and Spidey knows the character by his first name, “You’re my eyes and ears on the street.”
  • Images of the birth of Electro. Max Dillon being electrecuted in a strange place with wiring, electrical tubing, and tank filled with electric eels.
  • This is followed by flashes of sizzle footage of comedy moments like Aunt May upset by blue and red spots in the laundry, and intense moments of Harry Osborn (Dane Dehaan) speaking to a sick Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) who seems to be dying.
  • There was also a brief image of someone’s feet as green scraps land. Could this be a sign of Green Goblin?
  • The trailer finishes out with a montage of clips including Pete at a graveyard, Peter and Gwen kissing, Gwen standing beside Max Dillon in an elevator.
  • The closing ends with Electro unleashing full electronic devastation on New York City followed by a final shot of Spider-Man catching a police car flying through the air in the midst of Rhino’s truck rampage.

Comic-Con 2013 Amazing Spider-Man 2

Then the Q&A began after and here is the breakdown of the questions.

  •  When responding to a critical question regarding Tobey Maguire’s performance Garfield says, “He is a sex machine, no one can take that away from him”
  • When addressing a Gay Asian-American’s question about Garfield’s statement about Peter Parker sexually experimenting one day, Garfield explains with class that “Spider-Man stands for everyone, regardless of race or sexual orientation”. That was said to be greeted with huge applause.
  • When asking Garfield how he connects to his character, he says that he perceives them as two different people. Spidey as the big brother, Peter as the younger brother.
  • Dehaan then answered a question about the background of Norman, explaining that him and Pete had a falling out before he got sent away to boarding school. The character seeks to return and reconcile with his old friend and his father.
  • Webb was asked what he used for inspiration for the sequel, to which Webb replied Ultimate Spider-Man.
  • One fan asked Garfield what it was like meeting the great Stan Lee, and he responded humorously by saying, ““It’s like being in a room with Mickey Mouse.”

That’s it folks! Sounds like we have a promising sequel ahead of us.

The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters May 2nd 2014!