This week’s Falling Skies episode The Pickett Line was an eventful episode.  The Mason’s struggled to get closer to Anne and the baby, Pope pushed back on Weaver, Lourdes became a major player, the Volm continued their weapon work, and Tom landed himself in a bad spot.

The Breakdown

The Pickett Line had several story lines working at once in this week’s Falling Skies.

As Tom and his boys were heading to locate Anne, the baby, and Karen, they were stopped and robbed by a small group.  The Mason men wanted their horses and their supplies back so they followed the group, ending up at a home in the boonies.  Each of the Mason’s took on each of the group, mostly winning of course, except for Hal.  When Matt saw him struggling he grabbed a gun and shot the man fighting with Hal.

Back in Charleston things heated up…

Pope’s bar was threatened when orders came from above to move the establishment elsewhere.  Rebellious Pope instructed his team of Berserkers to refrain from helping on their regular duties and also sabotaged the trucks.  Work in Charleston fell behind.  Weaver called Pope on it and sent him to jail.

Weaver, Peralta and Cochise had a discussion with The President regarding the Volm weapon.  Weaver and Peralta wanted more information on it, but Cochise would not provide it.  The President wanted to see the weapon for himself, which was a massive device.

Lourdes came out of her shell and positioned herself in the room below The President’s hospital room.  Using a Volm-upgraded weapon, she shot through the ceiling.  The shot came through the floor of The President’s room and killed him.  After that, Lourdes’s position became crystal clear when we saw worms crawling around her face just beneath the skin!

Meanwhile, the Mason’s had quite a fight on their hands with the group of bandits who turned out to be a family, named the Pickett’s, trying to survive.  As the one shot by Matt struggled to stay alive, Tom tried to reason with the father of the family.  Control of the situation and the weapons changed hands several times, which would have made it hard to keep up if you missed a minute of the episode.  In the end, the Mason’s “won” and obtained their horses and supplies back.

As the men headed off once again in search of Anne and the baby, they saw Skitters led by Mega Mech’s on their way up the road to the Pickett’s house.  Tom sent his boys on their way to continue the search for Anne, while he headed back to help the family from what they were about to encounter with the aliens.

When Tom made it back to the house, he could not find a single soul.  The Pickett’s were gone, but the Skitters had already arrived.  As Tom was about to begin his fight with three of them, a Mega Mech came up behind him.  Tom turned, was aiming his gun and ready to fire, when the Mega Mech did the same.  The episode ended.

The Analysis

This week’s episode of Falling Skies kept viewers on their toes with all of the events!  I thought it was a good episode and am anxious to see next week’s.

The back and forth with the Mason’s and the Pickett’s was a little silly though, in my opinion.  Control changed hands more times than I could count.  But, I was happy to see another group of people brought into the show.  I do not think we have seen the last of the Pickett’s and am wondering just how that family has survived this long on their own.  It certainly brings up some questions, doesn’t it?

The biggest shock to me was the story line with Lourdes, who appears to be the real mole!  I wonder if something went wrong when she rid Hal of the worm or if she has been on the alien team all along.  Shooting The President was a decent addition to the story line and it should play out pretty interesting in the upcoming episodes.

The weapon being built by the aliens has a lot more to it than I think any of the group thought.  The future of the planet appears to depend on it…but, could we really have thought any different?

There are only a few Falling Skies episodes left this season, so be sure to catch up now if you are behind!