Rob Liefeld is pretty open with his fans on Twitter. When they ask him something, he doesn’t usually hide behind secrets. Recently, a fan asked him the chances of seeing the Marvel team X-Force getting a movie. Liefeld’s response was that it was consistent to what he was told. That got everyone excited, and now that Fox has announced they are bringing a surprise, many wonder if a Comic-Con 2013 X-Force announcement is coming.

I would say, probably not.

Yes, Fox is almost definitely bringing the big guns for the X-Men: Days of Future Past promotion, and hinting at a new movie in the X-Men expanded universe is something that might be the big surprise they were talking about.

But, when fans pressed Liefeld on his comment, he said that it was in discussion and not in development. He also said that a Magneto movie was also in discussion, so nothing should be taken out of context in his statement.

Comic-Con 2013 X-ForceHowever, there is another way to look at this. Hugh Jackman won’t be sticking around for much longer as Wolverine, and probably only has one or two more goes in him before he tires of the role. That means Fox needs to find a new Wolverine or a new character to replace Wolverine in the fans hearts.

Who is better for that role than Deadpool (who Liefeld says IS Ryan Reynolds). And Liefeld did emphasize that he doesn’t know who will be in X-Force except that it would have to include Cable and Deadpool. For those who don’t know, Cable is Cyclops and Jean Grey’s son from the future, come back to fix the mistakes humans and mutants made in the past.

Cable also comes from the same future that takes place in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

That is where the Comic-Con 2013 X-Force rumors really get interesting. If they do introduce the plans for an X-Force movie, why not do it while promoting the movie based on the story that created Cable to begin with?

Source: Twitter