I’m not sure anyone was expecting this, but it seems a new Predator film might be in the works. This has been a topic of discussion by Robert Rodriguez ever since the release of Predators a few years back. However, most of that conversation has gone quiet ever since. That is until a curious photo appeared on the Facebook page yesterday.

What you see below is the image posted on the official Facebook page, which shows a hovering infrared image of Petco Park, with a hash tag at the bottom – HUNTforPREDATOR. As Comic Book Movie points out, Petco Park is right by the area San Diego Comic-Con 2013 is being held, which is leaving many to wonder if FOX has a major announcement planned.

Comic-Con 2013 Predator

Even though I found Predators to be a somewhat forgettable movie, it was still a much better entry than either of the Alien vs. Pradator movies. If Robert Rodriguez has another movie planned then I’m totally game for it. I’m curious what the storyline could be though.

Of course, this could also be an announcement for a new video game, another comic book series, an amusement park ride, or any number of things. But, what would be cooler than another Predator movie?

Are you game for another Predator movie?

Source: Facebook