Latino Review just broke some exclusive Marvel movie news heading into Comic-Con 2013. According to El Mayimbe, Marvel wants Joseph Gordon Levitt to portray Doctor Strange in their Phase 3 tent-pole movie. For now, this is just a rumor, but Latino Review is pretty solid with their Marvel movies news.

Just remember – these rumors say that Marvel wants Joseph Gordon Levitt. There is nothing here to say that an offer has been made or that he has even been notified. This is just Marvel internally discussing who they want, and believing that Levitt is the perfect choice for the Marvel Sorcerer Supreme.

And they would be right. Marvel wants Doctor Strange to be their next Iron Man, since that franchise is shutting down and Robert Downey Jr. will only appear in Avengers movies from now on. That means they need a star to carry the franchise, and its about time that Joseph Gordon Levitt got that chance.

Sure, Levitt doesn’t look like Doctor Strange at first glance. but give him facial hair and I am confident he can pull it off. The guy has been amazing in almost everything he has done since finally breaking into movies. Check him out in the amazing Brick to see him really putting it all out there. Plus, the guy was already in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy as “the man who would become the Bat.”

This also could be a major dagger into DC’s heart, as many fans still want Levitt to play Batman in the Justice League movie. Personally, I’d rather see him hitch his trailer to the Marvel brand, because that is guaranteed success. Joseph Gordon Levitt Doctor Strange? Oh, hell yeah.

Source: Latino Review