Last year, Marvel and Fox discussed negotiations to keep Daredevil at Fox after the deal ran out. Marvel said they wanted Silver Surfer and Galactus, and in exchange, they would let Fox keep Daredevil. Fox refused, and it looked like they might have plans for the Surfer and his master in the future. According to Stan Lee, that Silver Surfer movie might finally be on the way.

However, Stan Lee also sounded confused with his answer.

Back at Marvel, they are frantically looking for what is the next one they’re going to do. There is no way they won’t eventually do a Silver Surfer movie. It may not be for a few years because they’re thinking and working on Doctor StrangeBlack PantherAnt-ManGuardians of the Galaxy. Everything we have. And the fans seem to want all of them. But they’ll get around to a Silver Surfer feature because he’s a wonderful character.”

This is just wrong, since Marvel does not own the rights to the Silver Surfer and can’t make a movie with him. But, what about Fox?

With The Fantastic Four being rebooted, don’t expect the Silver Surfer movie to include the character that you saw in that earlier FF movie (although he needs to be pretty much the same kind of character). I really hope they bring him back as the Herald of Galactus.

The fact that they wanted to keep both characters tell me that Fox plans to use both of them. I hated the fact that Galactus was just a cloudy figure in that movie, but then again, I understand the argument that his giant purple clothed God-like character would look to cartoonish to be in a live action movie. I wish there was a way to do it, and don’t see why the can’t just make him skyscraper tall and go with that.

I am pretty sure that Stan Lee was just spit balling and really has no idea what Marvel is planning. However, he is right about there needing to be a Silver Surfer movie. Fox needs to get on that once they get the Fantastic Four back off the ground again.