James Gunn’s highly ambitious Guardians of the Galaxy kicked off filming recently and so far buzz is sounding positive on the production. Even though most everyone is optimistic about the Marvel film, one man originally doubted the property’s potential. Joss Whedon spoke up about his doubts when he first heard about the idea of making Guardians.

Here is what he said to Collider:

“It seemed out there to me [initially, the idea] came from Kevin Fiege,” Whedon said. “I sort of went ‘I don’t know about this’. Then they brought on James Gunn, and as soon as they said James, the movie started to make sense to me in a away that it hadn’t. I was like ‘oh this isn’t a guy that’s gonna chase Star Wars, he’s gonna make a James Gunn movie. And James’ first thing was ‘oh I love Rocket, it’s all the raccoon.’ People were like, ‘really, a raccoon?’ He was like ‘the raccoon is the heart’. And knowing that, I felt very safe. And casting Chris Pratt. I was just there before they started production, and seeing all the designs and stuff… I got really jealous. I was like, ‘why can’t I make this movie?’ I really got turned 180 on that one.”

One thing is for certain, I cannot wait to see James Gunn’s take on the Rocket Raccoon character. I know I also had doubts before the announcement that Gunn was director. That is one of the best decisions Marvel has made outside of choosing Joss as director of The Avengers.

Check out the full interview from Collider below and leave us your thoughts!


Guardians of the Galaxy will hit theaters everywhere on August 1st, 2014!

Source: Collider