Welcome to week 3 of Franchise Fight Club, where every fanboy is a victim! Here at Franchise Fight Club, we don’t care if “Han shot first.” The only criteria that concerns us is if Han shot  last. We seek the result of every victorious outcome even if it means your franchise is a loser.

This week my fellow Renegades, we’re going to pick on a whole different beast of fanboy. That’s right… Horror fans! Why? Because they shouldn’t feel left out of the carnage. To start off, we’re going to actually take a closer look into what would really take place if the two biggest cinema-horror juggernauts really clashed. We want to know who would actually win… Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees? Why? Because the movie didn’t fully solve that riddle?… Damn straight!

Let’s begin!

Let’s Compare!

Freddy Krueger

Freddy is whacky, crazy, unpredictable, and most of all, he loves to kill him some teenagers. One thing you have to love about Freddy is his creative way of offing teens. I would say Freddy is so popular just on the simple fact that his scenes are so memorable in the violence department. For example, even Johnny Depp wasn’t safe.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3dt4zePvnE]

In the first film, Freddy is pissed off at the parents who burned him alive in 1971. Then, he seeks to kill the children of his killers after being promoted in hell as “dream killer.” Say it with me now…1… 2… Freddy is coming for you!

Jason Voorhees

Now here is one pissed off Momma’s boy. Jason is a victim of a troubled childhood, as well as a victim of deformities. After his psychotic mother is decapitated in the first movie, Jason begins a never ending murder spree that starts in the present day leading all the way to space.

Freddy vs Jason

Only in horror movies

There isn’t much motive to his madness except that he just wants to kill simply because he can. Which is scary enough as it is. Also, for some odd reason, the dude just doesn’t die… ever.

Additional Differences…

  • Not including the collision film or either remakes, Freddy terrorized 7 sequels, but Jason wrecked 10.
  • Jason’s body count equals roughly 169 victims. Freddy has a less impressive 42 victims.
  • Freddy has a thing for killing children and teens. Jason has a thing for killing everything that has a pulse.
  • Freddy died in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. Jason died never

Which Brings Us To Combat Abilities

Freddy vs Jason

Photo by TPollockJR at deviantart

Freddy Krueger has one main source of power, which is his ability to control the dream world. In it, he is god, and he can turn a victim’s worst fears into his sadistic violent playground. He also utilizes such methods to taunt and lure victims to their doom. Once he has trapped his prey in his dream nest, Krueger slices and dices with a wicked set of blades on his fingers. In order to kill him, one must pull him into reality and take him out.

Jason Voorhees is damn near immortal. He’s been shot, stabbed, hung, drowned in toxic waste, blown up, and stabbed through the face with his own machete. He possesses brute strength and an insane tolerance for pain. Jason is pretty much what a zombie would be like if it were strong, aware, and wanted to wear a hockey mask. Just a complete no holds barred mindless killing machine. His only known fear is drowning which was revealed in the Freddy vs Jason  movie.

So Who Would Win?

Before I make my final decision, let us see what the Renegade Staff thinks!

Rick Tym: Jason. He never dies, even in space.

Sorry, Jason X is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Aidan Myles Green: I say Jason. He is bigger, stronger, and simply more vicious. I’ve only ever seen Freddie be creepy toward teenagers, but I have seen Jason lay waste to hoards of victims. He seems more ruthless and less in touch with his “humanity,” if you get what I’m saying.

Caliber Winfield: Well…there are factors. If it’s the dream world, then neither. However, that’s where Freddy has his power. If it’s real world, then Jason, hands down. Jason is the greatest horror icon of all time, baby. He’s a massive guy that’s resourceful, and completely bad-ass.

Hell, even the dream world, Jason would win. Jason is nothing but hate. Seething hate. Also, we’re talking Hodder Jason, btw. The one from The New Blood.

And Rick, feel not bad for liking Jason X. Jason X is great stuff. But then again, I absolutely love every entry of the series, except for the first one.

Shawn S. Lealos: Freddy: This is a tough one because of the fact one gets you in your dreams and the other is a walking zombie. They showed in Freddy vs Jason that Jason can have nightmares, and Freddy can manipulate him. With this in mind, I hated the fact that they brought Freddy into the real world to fight Jason because that just sucks and the fact they went toe-to-toe was stupid. In the real world, Jason slaughters Freddy. However, in my mind, Jason is too stupid to lure Freddy into the real world. In Freddy vs Jason, it was all about Freddy manipulating Jason. If they just tried to kill each other, Freddy wins easy by tricking Jason into decapitating himself or something.



Freddy Wins!!


Freddy vs JasonWhy Freddy? Well,even though Jason is an unstoppable force of nature and has the trophy for the most kills, I have to give the victory to Freddy on creativity and intelligence alone. Freddy outmatches Jason on strategy in every way. Even if Jason wanted to kill Freddy, I agree with Shawn above that he isn’t smart enough to consider pulling Freddy out of the dream world. Which is one aspect of the film I felt would never actually happen. Freddy only has one major question to consider… Does Jason actually sleep?

So, there you have it! Do you agree with this winner? Are you upset that Mr. Voorhees would lose to Freddy? Tell me why in the section below!

Next week, with Tai Chi Hero hitting DVD, our discussion will dive into two of the greatest cinematic ass kicking icons… Bruce Lee Vs. Chuck Norris!! Tune in!