WB and Legendary Pictures have done some fantastic work over the last several years. The duo have co-financed several major projects including The Dark Knight Trilogy, 300, The  Hangover, and this year’s Pacific Rim. Sadly, the successful partnering may come to an end very soon.

When Legendary partnered with Warner Brothers, the deal involved production of 40 motion pictures over a 7 year period. Now that the deal is about to expire, Legendary is looking ahead to brighter pastures for the company. Variety says the company is in discussions with three potential studios– including FOX, Lionsgate, and  Universal– to create “a new distribution and potential co-financing deal.” The deal would extend Legendary’s reach outside of motion pictures to design a multimedia empire that would also include television, digital content, and comic books. Thus, diversifying the company’s future.

There is also a possibility that discussions with NBC/Universal have progressed with an added deal of theme park attractions of all Legendary motion pictures.

Deadline also implies that thee departure announcement may be a ploy to tie the two major companies together for an indefinite future. All that is required is the right deal from Warner Brothers.

It is further added that chief of Legendary Pictures, Thomas Tull wants a deal made by July 4th. Reason being, Grown Ups 2 is tracking better than Pacific Rim. That last sentence saddens me as a moviegoer.

If they do part ways it’ll be saddening. The two companies have done some incredible work together. However, it is good  for the company to expand their future and grow. Whatever happens, hopefully they just stay far away from FOX.

What do you think about Legendary Pictures moving on from Warner Brothers?

Source: DeadlineVariety