Taken 3Deadline has reported that Liam Neeson is close to signing a deal for Taken 3 in which
he’ll reprise the role of Bryan Mills for a cool $20 million. He’s one of the burliest dads ever, and I’d place him in Top 3 along with John Matrix of Commando and John McClane of Die Hard. If only his name were John.

Taken is one of the greatest action films of all time. Along with Predator and Die Hard it takes a very simple story and delivers gold in the form of a fist to the neck. There’s nothing better than seeing sex traffickers get their asses absolutely kicked. The film has incredible replay value, and I think will stand the test of time.

The sequel is a fair inclusion into the series, but not a home run like the original. I think the involvement of his family hampered the story a bit. All I want to do is see Bryan kill a ton of people, and make threats over a phone. I can understand trying to go a different route, but let’s just keep things like they were with the original, simple.

SOURCE: Badass Digest