In this week’s Falling Skies episode At All Costs, Tom met the “other” President, good Hal struggled with evil Hal, Ben had an opportunity to be human again, and Anne received disturbing news about her baby.

The Breakdown

At All Costs began with another alien attack in which the Charleston teams came out ahead.

The new tool created by the Volm removes the spikes from the saved harnessed kids like Ben.  Ben and his friend pondered if they really wanted to be all-human again and lose the “powers” they had acquired.

Tom flew off in a plane with one of his military leaders, Pope and Cochise to the meet President Benjamin Hathaway.  It was not a warm welcome once the President’s military laid eyes on Cochise.  But, the group was able to calm things down and go have their separate conversations.

Tom tried to tell the President that Cochise and some of the aliens were their allies.  The two men then went to speak with Cochise who was tied up and under guard of the President’s men.  Cochise’s heartfelt words of the world he had never seen seemed to impress Tom and soften the President.

Hal’s bad side popped out after he waited to tell his father what was happening to him with Karen.  As he was looking into the mirror a very different Hal appeared and took over after he smashed the mirror to pieces.  This evil Hal was more confident and arrogant than the good Hal, but Maggie did not seem to mind.

Anne paid a visit to Dr. Cadar to have a sample of her baby’s DNA analyzed along with several other samples.  After discovering that the only sample that was not completely human belonged to the baby, Dr. Cadar talked about having to tell someone.  Anne lost control, panicked and hit the doctor in the head with a wrench knocking him out.

After then knocking Lourdes out with a spiked drink, Anne packed up the baby quickly and made a run for it.  She did not get far before the aliens, along with evil Hal, stopped her from leaving.

As Tom and his team quickly boarded their planes to fly back to Charleston, Cochise was put on a separate plane in the rush.  Tom’s plane, flown by his military leader, was hit.  With only one engine, he tried to land the plane in a huge group of trees.  As it appeared the plane was about to crash, the episode ended.

The Analysis

This week’s Falling Skies was an eventful one.  The many different story lines taking place did not distract, but instead entertained.  I am glad to see some real action happening this season.

The creepy baby only did a small amount of tricks this week.  Just a quick “I love you too, Mommy” with an eerie smile was all we got.  But, finding out that the baby’s DNA showed more than a human string was great, although not surprising.  I also have to admit I was shocked when Anne hit that doctor in the head with the wrench!

I think the evil Hal story is also a good one.  He is sweet and mushy normally, so having an evil Hal in the show should make things really interesting.  Plus, Maggie certainly did not mind the change when they were in bed.

The story with Ben not wanting to have his spikes removed is just so-so.  I can see why he would want to keep them for all of the strength and powers he seems to have, but I think it may be time to just let go.  We will see how this one plays out.

Finally, Tom’s airplane about to crash at the end should make for a really decent story too.  If the men wind up in the woods in the middle of nowhere, I sure hope they have some weapons on that plane to keep with them!

How are you enjoying this season of Falling Skies?  Which story line is your favorite so far?  Leave us some comments!