True Blood The SunJessica wakes up to hear Bill screaming, and heads down to see what all the commotion is. Bill appears be seeing, and feeling what’s going on with vampires all around who are being murdered & tortured. He all of a sudden sits down and goes into a trance. Inside his mind, we see he’s in the middle of a field with Lilith, and she tells him that he’s the one who will save them all.

At Fangtasia, Tara is unhappy as she was shot by one of the SWAT team members, and the wound won’t heal, only burn. Eric & his sister show up, and Pam fills them in. Afterward, Eric takes a look and digs the bullet out. It’s silver, and emits UV. Pretty sweet.

Over at the bridge where Sookie’s parents died, we see a vampire with rockin’ dreads come bursting out of a portal.

We catch  up with Jason, and find out that the man he met was not in fact a dapper Warlow, but Jason’s Fairy Grandfather, thus making the casting choice that more bad-ass. He says he’s been following Jason his entire life, and knows everything about him. He says if Jason wants in on this fight, he needs to get his head on straight.

Over at Merlots, Arlene calls Snooki to inform her that she’s late for work, and she says she’ll be right in. Once off the phone, Arlene begins talking to Terry when they see Terry’s army buddy from the 5th season’s wife. The army buddy he had to kill. She’s there to find out what happened, and assumes the worst, that he ran out on her and the baby. Terry is about to tell her the truth, when Arlene intercedes and says it’s true, he ran off because he’s a good for nothing. Soon after, a group of 20-somethings show up, and are looking for Sam. He ends up speaking to one of them, an attractive girl who says that Sam & the other shifters need to come out to the World. She wants to interrogate all super naturals into the World to try to start the act of peace. He says she knows nothing about this sort of thing, and she says that her grandparents, one white, one black, started the Civil Rights movement.

Back at Sookie’s, she heads on off to work when she sees a guy on the side of the road in pain. At first she ignores him, but alas can’t. She finds out he’s a Fairy hafling, such as she. Sookie takes him back to her house where she tends to him, as he was apparently attacked by vampires the night before. There’s a bit of flirting going on, but Sookie is hesitant, what with everything that’s just gone on.  Ben, the halfling, decides to take off, and Sookie says he shouldn’t just be wondering, and offers to take him to the secret Fairy Club. Sheriff Andy has the same idea, as he shows up with his 4 kids, demanding to see their mother. As Ben & Sookie are on their way, he asks if it would be possible to see her again, and she says it’s just too soon. Realizing she’s attracted to him, she takes off and instructs him on where to find the save haven.

Back at Casa Del Stackhouse, Jason & his Godfather show up and begin to explore the bathroom where Warlow showed up. Apparently at the time he was trying to break on through the realms. The Godfather decides to head into the realm and see if Warlow is still there. He returns with some bad news, Warlow is no longer there.

At Stately Compton Manor, Jessica is doing everything she can to snap Bill out of his trance. She thinks perhaps he needs a snack, so she calls Human Edibles. The snack shows up, and Bill shows no interest in her, that is, until she gets up to leave. All of a sudden, she’s being pulled back in a gnarly manner, as all her joints & bones seem to be snapping. She’s put down on her knees in front of Bill, who’s still in a trance. He opens his mouth, as all of a sudden blood begins to cascade out of his woman’s mouth into his. This continues until she falls over, a dry husk.

The Governor’s Mansion is having a little soiree, and Eric decides to crash the party and glamour Governor Burrell. Just as he’s done doing so, Burrell yells for the guards, and is rather delighted to tell Eric that humans know everything about them, and are completely prepared. They’re wearing contacts that keep them from being glamoured. He basically gloats to the point where I was waiting for him to tell Eric to suck it. Well, they didn’t know Northman can fly as he takes off, basically telling them to suck it.

Sookie arrives home, and gets caught up with Jason & the Godfather. It turns out that Sookie’s blood-line is royalty, and that the Godfather is in fact a King. He tells Sookie the one way to defend herself is to create an atomic super nova style light ball that will have more power than the sun, and fry any vampire it touches. The catch is however, once she does this, she’ll be fae no more. You take the good, you take the bad,
and there you have, the facts of life.

Sam finally arrives home, where Lafayette is watching Luna’s daughter. Soon as Sam walks in the door, Alcide shows up with Emma’s grandmother and says it’s time for Emma to come live with them. Sam disagrees, but all this gets him is knocked out by Alcide, while the grandmother scoops up Emma and they’re ghost. While all this is going on, the young girl & her friends from Merlotte’s earlier are hiding in the bushes taking pictures.

Finally, we go back to Bill’s house to see him finally snap out of the trance. Jessica is rather happy to see this, and on the TV they see footage of a vampire being drug behind a truck, as they realize it’s the vision that Bill saw, as he’s capable of seeing the future. At that moment, he gets a vision of all known vampires on the show in a room, wearing blue scrubs, as the ceiling opens up, revealing the sun & frying everyone inside. Else where, Eric waits for Governor Burrell’s daughter to take out her contacts, before appearing at her window. After that, we’re out.

Last Word: Another fantastic episode. True Blood flies by faster than any show I’ve ever seen, and is relentlessly entertaining. Warlow looks like a tough customer, like some sort of wild-west vampire
that Tarantino would have created, and I’m really looking forward to seeing him in action. I don’t believe the girl & her friends are as peaceful as they claim to be. Generally in True Blood, anyone new who shows
up isn’t who they say they are, and are up for some no good-knicking.