A new rumor has come out of Marvel’s Creative Summit, and in this case, it’s claiming that the company will be ending their Ultimate Comics brand. This would include the long-running Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, and more.

The Ultimate line of stories was created by Marvel in 2000 as an easy jumping-on point for new fans. The move was a success, as both new fans and old enjoyed the fresh take on all the classic stories. Some of the standouts from the brand were Brian Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man, and Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch’s The Ultimates.

The move was a success by and large, and it was a popular series of books, until 2009’s horrible event-crossover Ultimatum. 90% of the main characters across the Ultimate Universe were killed off, some of them in horrific manners. Since then, the Ultimate Universe hasn’t been what it once was, and sales have been declining ever since. (The only exception being Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man. If the man ever wrote a bad issue of that series, I have yet to read it.)

The same rumor also claims that the Ultimate Universe will end after crossing over with the mainstream universe. I’m rather disappointed to hear that. Some years ago, Marvel’s then-Editor-In-Chief, Joe Quesada, said something along the idea of “If [the mainstream universe crosses over with the Ultimate Universe] I think that will signal we’ve officially run out of ideas.” I couldn’t agree more.

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Source: Comic Book Movie