Todd McFarlane, the creator of Spawn, recently gave an interview for MTV and gave a tease about who could be playing the popular anti-hero in the next film adaptation.

McFarlane confirmed that he is currently writing a script for the new adaptation, and that there is an Oscar-winning actor eagerly awaiting its completion. The actor in question has not been revealed, but McFarlane has claimed that he is invested in the project. Both the actor and McFarlane gave each other their perspective on the project, and they allegedly have enough story to last for ten films.

As to the identity of the actor, the only clue we have is that with this project, “he [the actor] wouldn’t have to be 22 for the rest of his life.” This implies that the actor in question is very young, which certainly narrows down the possibilities.

In the same interview, McFarlane also revealed that there is another animated series version of Spawn that is in the process as well, with 90 minutes of footage prepared and ready to go.

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Source: Dread Central.