The plan to make a Justice League movie in time for a 2015 release has died. This is probably a good thing, since that would put it up against Avengers 2 and Star Wars: Episode VII, but the question lingered about whether or not a Justice League movie was coming at all. With what looks like a record breaking June opening weekend for Man of Steel, Justice League is pretty much guaranteed.

Its already been announced here at Renegade Cinema that David S. Goyer has a three-picture writing deal, which includes Man of Steel, Man of Tomorrow and the Justice League movie. It has also pretty much been a done deal that Zack Snyder would direct it if Man of Steel was a success – which it is.

Now, David S. Goyer has said in a recent interview with Bleeding Cool that Superman is the first superhero in the DC movie world, and that when he steps forward and shows himself as a hero, that causes the other heroes to come forward as well. He said there will be a cause and effect in which Superman’s actions in his solo movies will create the expanded DC Comics universe in the movies, effectively creating the Justice League.

Having Superman be the reason that Batman comes out seems wrong, but this is a good way to kick start the new DC superhero world. What are your thoughts on Superman being the catalyst for the new shared universe?

Source: Bleeding Cool