Screenwriter David S. Goyer dropped some more potential tidbits about a possible Justice League movie while working the red carpet of the Man of Steel premiere. His comments contain potential Justice League spoilers so obligatory spacing follows.



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When questioned about Easter eggs in the new Superman film (see past Renegade articles for tidbits regarding a satellite and a prominent DC universe character), Goyer also hinted that eagle-eyed fans could catch a reference to S.T.A.R. Labs.  For those not in the know, S.T.A.R. labs is a link to the Teen Titans of the DC universe, and the character of Cyborg, whose parents and former love interest worked there in the days before the New 52 was launched. In the New 52, Cyborg is no longer associated with S.T.A.R. Labs and is instead one of the founding members of the Justice League.


Why is all of this interesting, you ask? Because in addition to dropping a hint about the Man of Steel S.T.A.R. Labs reference, Goyer went on to say: [S.T.A.R. Labs]…that’s kind of a connection to Cyborg.” Cryptic? Yes.  A Justice League spoilers possibility?  Definitely. It’s not such a big deal that Goyer pointed out the S.T.A.R. Labs reference (comic book movie Easter eggs are, after all, the brightest and tastiest of them all), but it’s sure one heck of a coincidence for him to go out of his way to mention Cyborg. Even if he’s just messing with us, it’s fun to play the guessing game because for the next few years, Justice League spoilers possibilities are endless in fans’ imaginations.  (The same goes for screenwriters’, directors’ and producers’ imaginations, so as always, take it all in stride.)

Goyer was also asked if Christopher Nolan’s Batman solar system would exist in the same Superman galaxy/universe that Zack Snyder created in Man of Steel. His response? “The Dark Knight films do not exist in the same universe.” So, all signs indicate that a new interpretation of Bats will be coming our way should he and Superman team up in some way, shape or form. And based on the DC character names Goyer did drop as being part of the new Superman film mythos – Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor most prominently among them – that’s the way things are slowly shaping up.

Source: MTV