Welcome to week 2 of Franchise Fight Club, where every fanboy is a victim!

Here at Franchise Fight Club, we don’t care if “Han shot first.” The only criteria that concerns us is if Han shot  last. We seek the result of every victorious outcome even if it means your franchise is a loser.

This week we will dive into one of the most highly debated comic book fights ever. Who would win in a deadly face-off? Superman vs. Batman? Someone has to get their asses kicked. Will it be “The Dark Knight” or the extremely powerful “Man of Steel”? Let the epic battle begin!

Let’s Compare!

Superman vs. BatmanBruce Wayne/Batman

Bruce Wayne is an intelligent billionaire with a dark vigilant side. On the surface he is calm and collected but this dude has some serious mommy and daddy issues. Wayne survives his attackers by having the coolest gadgets ever and implementing his well trained ninja abilities. He may not be as strong as Superman but this is one pissed off ninja.

Superman vs. BatmanKal-El/Superman/Clark Kent

On the opposite end of the spectrum is “The Man of Steel” himself. Kal-El is somewhat of an adopted orphan in a way. After his birth parents sent him away with his home Krypton being destroyed, Kal-El attains a new family with the Kents on planet Earth. So, this guy has far less mommy and daddy issues than the Bat. Kal-El is always seeking to do the right thing by humanity and  to keep his new adopted home protected.

Additional Differences…

  • Batman can only fly by his Bat-Wing or “The Bat” as known in the Nolan trilogy. Superman can fly by himself and often break the sound barrier.
  • Both men stand for justice but the Batman is typically more comfortable in laying down a justified whoop ass.
  • Batman has a ton of commitment issues with women. Superman is a one woman show with Lois Lane.
  • One incarnation of Batman had Bat-nipples. One incarnation of Superman had Richard Pryor. I’ll let you decide what is worse.

Which Brings Us To Combat Abilities

Superman vs. BatmanBruce Wayne/ Batman may lack any special unique superpowers but he makes up for it by having a diverse set of skills that he attained naturally. This includes martial arts training, genius intellect… and wait for it… ventriloquism. That’s right! The dude can throw his own voice. Batman also has insane amount of determination and is not afraid to torture someone to get the answers he wants. As we saw in The Datk Knight he is willing to break legs if cornered. Another words, Mr. Wayne will push his limits in the name of victory.

Clark Kent/ Kal-El/ Superman has an advantage over Batman due to his various superpowers he is blessed with. If you’re familiar with the character then you probably know every possible Superman power imaginable… But just in case you’ve been living in a cave this past century, here is a  list:

  • Superman vs. BatmanHeat Vision
  • Super Strength
  • Flight
  • Super Speed
  • Invulnerability
  • Super Vision
  • Super Hearing
  • Super Breath
  • Mental Powers
  • Super Ventriloquism- Yes, him too!
  • Super Hypnotism
  • Stamina
  • Healing factor
  • and most likely much more!

So Who Would Win?

Before I make my final decision, let us see what the Renegade Staff thinks!

Aidan Myles Green Batman. Beat Superman in The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Again using tactical prowess and tricks like kryptonite napalm, kryptonite gauntlets, kryptonite arrows (Green Arrow helped out) and electricity.

But it’d be close, Superman MIGHT win…. haha I think I just WANT Batman to win since he’s my main man.

Tony Beaulieu I would take Superman, anyone who takes Batman is clearly biased. As if Superman has never had to deal with Kryptonite in battle before? Mr. Kent has proven himself to be as resourceful in knock-down-drag-outs as Batman. Batman is a human, the only thing that seperates him from other people is his extraordinary power of will. Superman has also proven himself to have a just as iron will, as evidenced by his refusal to use lethal tactics on villians. So when you take essentially the only thing Batman has, his will — well Superman can easily match it and he’s also more capable that Bruce Wayne in every other concievable physical category. One MEDIUM punch from Supes can leave ANY human missing a head. So Frank Miller wrote Batman winning a couple of times? He’s a terrible superhero writer and there’s a reason that shit ain’t canon.

Superman vs. BatmanJesse Blume Superman would win. Even though it is generally accepted that Bats has the edge in strategy and general practical knowledge, that doesn’t mean that Superman is an idiot. In fact, he’s a very very intelligent person, and he knows how to use his powers to their fullest advantage. Really the only advantage that Batman could have on Superman is the kryptonite ring that he sometimes carries around in his utility belt. But Superman knows that Batman has that ring, because he gave it to him. The first thing he needs to do is just use heat vision to melt the pouches that it’s kept in. At that point, Supes can use his superspeed to attack every single pressure point in Batman’s body to paralyze him. That’s one of his favorite techniques because it’s non-lethal, but incredibly effective. Once Bats can’t move, he’s easy prey. I don’t anticipate it being much more difficult than that. That being said, Superman does have the Infinite Mass Punch if there were no other alternative. Bruce would just be so much destabilized matter, if he was hit by that.

Rick Tym Superman, no doubt. He’s just as intelligent at Batman and would likely see half the tricks Bats would throw at him (supercharged power suits, kryptonite grenades, etc. etc.). Those that Supes didn’t see coming he could avoid/come right at with his speed and strength. And Superman wouldn’t hold his punches if it came right down to it, meaning that when all the chips are on the table, on mega punch and anyone human, gadgets or not, would be all done.

Calibertholomew Winfield Superman vs Batman. Are we talking one on one? Just Batman vs Superman? That’s it? Or does Batman have some sort of kryptonite in his possession? Because if it’s just one on one in a boxing ring, Superman wins hands down. I mean, it wouldn’t even be a contest. Superman would use 1/1000th of his power & attention to crush Batman. However, if there’s variables, like Batman could use kryptonite, to put Batman on Super’s level….then I honestly think they’d both kill each other. They both have the same spirit & iron will.

Meagan Brooks Superman would win, but Batman is braver.

Shawn S. Lealos OK – I’ll go against the grain and choose Batman. Here is why.

Superman vs. Batman needs to take all the elements into the fight. For one thing, Batman has a plan to beat all superheroes, and he knows all their weaknesses. Superman’s weaknesses are simple: kryptonite, magic and lead. Batman can’t use the magic, but he has the other two items at his ready.

Superman has already given Batman what he needs to win, because Superman knows that he needs someone he trusts to stand up to him in case he loses control. He already knows that Batman is the man who can beat him – if needed. If Superman knows that, it’s good enough for me.

But there is more to it than that. Neither man will kill – that much is known. You can’t argue and say that Superman could just destroy Batman with the flick of a switch because he won’t – that is against his entire character, which has to be taken into effect. This isn’t who is stronger or more powerful, this is who would win if the two had to fight. You can’t say Superman could kill Batman because he won’t kill Batman.

That means that Batman has the advantage, because he is willing to get down and dirty, while Superman won’t. Batman has the means to defeat Superman, the brains to defeat Superman and the will to beat Superman. It isn’t who is more powerful in this case, but who is smarter.

If you don’t care about the characters, then Superman could easily wipe the floor with Batman. If you care about who these characters are and what they represent, Batman wins.


Batman Wins!! 

Superman vs. Batman

Why you ask? Well, Shawn pretty much nailed it right on the head. Superman not only has a predictable weakness but also is less likely to take a life. Only in the heat of someone else being killed will Superman actually break the rule of ending someone’s timeline.

So, there you have it! Do you agree with this winner? Are you upset that Superman won’t break the Bat unless pushed to his good ol’ boy limit? Share your fanboy rage below!

Next week, with World War Z hitting theaters our discussion will dive into two of the greatest modern horror icons… Freddy  Vs. Jason!! Tune in!