At a charity screening of the first two Hatchet films in Boston, director/creator of the slasher epic Adam Green expressed his desire to combine all three Hatchet films into “one single, epic feature film,” according to Under the Gun.

To prevent it from just being three movies you’ve already seen smooshed together, Green also said this theoretical Hatchet supercut would include sequences which were left out of the previous releases. The lost footage reportedly includes a full death scene which was “intended for the original.”

This was apparently, Green’s plan all along; the movies all run seamlessly together — well Hatchet one and two do anyway (Hatchet III won’t see a release until later this summer.)

This is a terrible idea. Hatchet II was an ungodly piece of shit, and things don’t look good for Hatchet III (Green left the directing of the second sequel to camera operator BJ McDonnell.)

Look, Adam Green, you’re a talented director with a lot of promise, Frozen was my favorite horror film of 2010. Take your nuts out of Victor Crowley’s purse and move on to something else for Christ’s sake.

I will take that unreleased Hatchet one footage on a special edition release, however.

SOURCE: Dread Centeral