The entire Internet movie community hates M. Night Shyamalan. I am sure that if you took a poll of Renegade Cinema writers, all but one would say they hated M. Night Shyamalan. However, that one lone dissenter – the one writer on this site who does not hate the director – yeah, that’s me. That is why I am going to do a retrospective of his career in Renegade Rant next week, and why today I am happy to say that an Unbreakable sequel might be on the way.

I’ll defend Shyamalan on Monday. Today, lets just talk about an Unbreakable sequel.

When someone creates an amazing movie in their career, they get a lot of slack from me. Unbreakable is more than an amazing movie – it is a masterpiece in the superhero genre, and it is proof that Shyamalan can craft a great story. While promoting After Earth, he said that it is getting closer to getting made.

Shyamalan slightly went off on the interviewer about the topic of having an agenda and then slid into talk about an Unbreakable sequel, comparing the two by saying he doesn’t want to make the sequel with an agenda, but wants to find the story that will make it a worthwhile project.

Hopefully, he gets around to it because that is the one sequel I would love to see from any of his past movies. That was his best movie, creatively, and it might be what he needs to rediscover the edge that seems to be dulling over time in his career.

Source: Huffington Post