To be honest, the last person in the world anyone might expect to direct a vampire movie is Jim Jarmusch. Honestly, the thought of a Jim Jarmusch vampire movie is one of the most intriguing prospects in recent memory. Now, it is not only coming true, but the Jim Jarmusch vampire movie Only Lovers Left Alive has a distributor.

If you have no idea who Jim Jarmusch is, you are forgiven. The man is not someone whose movies you will go to theaters to see, unless you happen to frequent art houses. The director is an acquired taste, and even film critics are not the nicest people in the world when analyzing his work. But the man is one of the best at what he does.

A child of the ’80s indie scene, Jarmusch makes movies that are taught in film schools – films like Stranger Than Paradise and Down by Law, which both just received fantastic Criterion Collection releases. He also directed the wonderful Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai and cast Johnny Depp as a Native American Indian long  before The Lone Ranger in Dead Man.

Now, a Jim Jarmusch vampire movie is coming.

ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE takes place against the romantic desolation of Detroit and Tangier and follows an underground musician, deeply depressed by the direction of human activities, who reunites with his resilient and enigmatic lover. Their love story has already endured several centuries at least, but their debauched idyll is soon disrupted by her wild and uncontrollable younger sister.

This isn’t Twilight, but it sure as hell isn’t 30 Days of Night either. Sony Pictures Classic just picked it up and it debuted at Cannes last week. This means the Jim Jarmusch vampire movie will actually hit theaters for your enjoyment.

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Source: Ain’t it Cool