Some Amazing Spider-Man 2 set photos hit the Internet a few weeks ago of Paul Giamatti’s Rhino driving a truck – apparently before he developed the thick skin that turned him into a super villain. Memorial Day weekend provided some new photos of Giamatti, and this time he was hooked up to the contraption that will be turned into the Rhino armor when all is said and done.

For those new to comics, Rhino is a villain who was a common Mafia thug who underwent a series of chemical and radiation treatments and ended up becoming a superhumanly strong Russian Mafia agent. After some time, he turned on his handlers and became a free agent in the super villain world, with impenetrable armored skin.

That seems a little unlikely for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie, and they might go with the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, where he was a common street criminal who underwent the treatments specifically to take down Spider-Man.

Rhino is one of two villains known right now for Amazing Spider-Man 2, with Jamie Foxx as Electro expected to be the main villain in the film. There is also the hidden threat of Norman Osborne (Green Goblin) as his son Harry debuts in this new movie as well.

Check out the Amazing Spider-Man set photos below and let us know what you think.