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Well, shiver me supernatural timbers…looks like the new Poltergeist film being helmed by Monster House director Gil Kenan (love that flick) will be one of those reboot-slash-sequel hybrids rather than just a depressing beat-by-beat remake. The easiest thing to do here would be to think of this year’s Evil Dead which was made in the same vein; a new tale told in the same universe with homage given to the original that inspired it. If you were a fan of this approach, take solace in the fact that Sam Raimi will be producing the new Poltergeist as well.

A lot of familiar elements from the original Poltergeist will be present. The same situation mixing a missing daughter with the paranormal will be on display, with the curious character of Dr. Brooke Powell, a TV personality who hosts a paranormal investigation show, added for some zesty spice. There will also be a connection to the between the new family (the Bowens) and the Freelings in the form of, you guessed it, possessions found in the attic. Looks like artifacts such as Star Wars sheets and old television sets will make an appearance. No word yet about disintegrating, easy-to-disassemble faces.


What else will be back? Why, the spookiest clown doll ever committed to film, of course! There will also be phone drama, creepy trees, and connections between a girl and her “imaginary” friends who want her to come join them. Too early to tell whether or not this approach will walk too close to or actually cross the line of “been there, done that” but as long as there’s enough fresh material and approaches this could be another example of a franchise update that manages to make new fans while not pissing off the old ones. (Of course, there will always be exceptions.) And just remember…no matter what happens, we can all go back and watch the original 1982 flick. No one, not even spooksters from the other side, can take that away from us.

Source: Moviehole