There has already been one Riddick teaser trailer that came out a couple of months back that just showed quick clips from the movie. Now, the first full length Riddick trailer is out and shows exactly what this movie is about. For fans of Pitch Black, this trailer is a very good thing.

Of course, Pitch Black is the David Twohy horror movie that introduced the world to Vin Diesel’s Riddick. In the second movie, Chronicles of Riddick, the story went to the high concept fantasy worlds and turned off a lot of fans who felt the mythology overshadowed any concept of story. However, that first movie was a fantastic, claustrophobic horror movie with monsters who attacked when the planet had a solar eclipse and went pitch black.

In the first Riddick trailer, it looks like they are going back to the start, and actually looks like a replay of that first movie, except with bounty hunters instead of prison transport officers. Bounty hunters land on the planet where Riddick is hiding, capture him, and then realize that there are monsters there and they need Riddick to survive.

Vin Diesel is joined this time around by Karl Urban, Katee Sackhoff and Dave Bautista. Riddick hits theaters on Sept. 6, 2013. Check out the Riddick trailer below and then some of the stills below that.

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Source: YouTube