According to, the latest Marvel Avengers rumors see the company possibly phasing out Hawkeye or looking at someone new to step in to play the role. The site mentions that Hawkeye will undergo a major overhaul in Phase 2 and might not even appear in the next Avengers film. They mentioned that Marvel will either re-cast Hawkeye and place him in the SHIELD TV series, write him out completely, or recast the character for a smaller role in Avengers 2.

These Marvel Avengers rumors are disappointing for a couple of reasons.

Marvel Avengers rumorsFirst of all, Jeremy Renner is a fantastic choice as Hawkeye. Second, the character is one of my favorites and has always been at the top of my list when counting down my favorite members of The Avengers in the comic books. He is also a big part of the regular and Ultimates’ Avengers worlds and looks to play a major role in the upcoming Avengers Assembled TV show.

So, why would Marvel get rid of a popular character like Hawkeye or re-cast it with someone other than an Oscar nominated actor? The same reason they re-cast Terrance Howard and Edward Norton. The same reason they dumped Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull. Marvel doesn’t like their actors talking down about their roles.

Here is a Jeremy Renner quote from Total Film.

“For 90 percent of the movie, I’m not the character I signed on to play,” Renner said. “It’s kind of a vacancy. [He’s] not even a bad guy, because there’s not really a consciousness to him. To take away who that character is and just have him be this robot, essentially, and have him be this minion for evil that Loki uses… I was limited, you know what I mean? I was a terminator in a way. Fun stunts. But is there any sort of emotional content or thought process? No.”

He was bring honest, and there is nothing wrong with that in the real world. This is not the real world: this is Marvel’s world. Regardless of how awesome Hawkeye is, and how great Renner would be if they brought the current Hawkeys storyline to the big screen, the actor might have talked his way out of the role.

However, these are just Marvel Avengers rumors and there is a chance that none of it is true. I have a strong feeling it is though, and that just sucks.

Source: MTV.COM