So, you guys remember that Zach Braff Kickstarter movie that received your donations for funding? Yeeeah, turns out you can take you pledges and shove ’em, America, because Wish I Was Here just got funding from Worldview Entertainment. Real, legitimate funding.

Kickstarter donations funded $2.6 million of the film’s estimated $5 million budget, the rest of which Braff himself planned to pay out of pocket. When asked by the Los Angeles Times two weeks ago if he would take studio funding, Braff replied, “I think that would be in bad taste for all the people who are backing this,” while inserting his foot directly into this mouth. Braff continued, “It wouldn’t be in the spirit of the thing.”

He’s probably wishing he hadn’t said that now that the film is reportedly mostly being funded via traditional means. No word on whether or not he plans on giving that 2.6 million back to pledgers.

This news is so ironic when one considers the interest garnered on Kickstarter is probably was attracted Worldview Entertainment to fund Wish I Was Here.

Worldview Entertainment are also the backers behind the recently released, critically acclaimed Matthew McConaughey drama Killer Joe.

SOURCE: Film School Rejects