For $2.99 a month you can now indulge in all the gory, low-budgety horror goodness YouTube has to offer. Which, at launch, appears to be 200 hours of the stuff.

Most of what the channel — called Screampix — has to offer now are feature films of the Charles Band Full Moon Pictures variety (including Puppet Master III and Killjoy 2 and 3) categorized under oddly specific horror tropes like “Women On A Rampage,” “Zombiepalooza!” and my personal favorite, “Students Making Bad Decisions.”

YouTube announced it’s roll out of paid subscription-based programming last week, something which to me sounds like a natural progression for the company. It’s nice to see YouTube will be catering to horror fans with Screampix.

Former Syfy executive Ray Cannella will be in charge of programming for the channel, so expect that level (basement) of films from Screampix in the future.

As a lifelong fan of the genre, one of my guiltiest of pleasures is settling in and watching cheap horror films. That being said, I’ll probably wait a while before shilling out my three bucks simply because my need for shitty horror films is currently being more than fulfilled by Chiller TV. I still like this news, though.

Screampix will offer new films every week, in addition to interviews and behind-the-scenes features pertaining to the horror genre.

SOURCE: The Wrap