This just in from the “Well, wasn’t that obvious?” department… World War Z author Max Brooks recently made the correlation between his novel and the upcoming “adaptation” starring Brad Pitt that, well, there’s really no correlation between the two.

Refreshingly enough, even though Brooks states the film will have the same name “and that’s it,” he also acknowledges that she (Hollywood) moves in mysterious ways.  (Baffling ways, too…as previously discussed on Renegade Cinema, the source material here is very rich, and situations surrounding the film’s production and deviation from the great stuff in Brooks’ novel induces, at the least, some very major head scratching.) Since Brooks is part of Hollywood royalty (he’s the son of Mel and his mom is a lady you may have heard of, Anne Bancroft) he knew the score when the option was signed.  Brooks was invited to consult on the World War Z script once filming began, but declined because he knew — even before all those major production difficulties arose — that it would be somewhat pointless given the penchant for rewrites and reshoots on such a big production.

World War Z Author

All this may sound like sour grapes, but when it comes to the World War Z author, it really isn’t.  He adds some sugar and makes a juice that would sit proudly besides Welch’s on the shelf. His major concern? How people will view the book based on the movie. When discussing the disconnect between printed and filmed form, Brooks gives some great advice.  In essence, he states that he can make no promises on how the movie will turn out when compared to the popular novel, but that the two can and should remain separate entities, presumably to be enjoyed, dissected, admired and criticized on their own merits.

How will this all turn out?  Advance buzz has taken a turn for the positive in the last few weeks, so hope remains.  We’ll all find out when World War Z drops on June 21st.

Source: blastr