Dredd remains the little movie that both could and couldn’t when it comes to 2012 comic book films.  While this excellent flick did not do very well at the box office, it is still performing fairly strongly on DVD/Blu.  It’s unfortunate that Dredd did not find a wider audience on the big screen because it was an exceptional adaptation of the source material, complete with stunning Slo Mo footage and a killer soundtrack.  (Check out Renegade Cinema’s own DVD review by Devan Gill here).  This news reporter agrees with Devan’s assessment of aspects like special features (weak) and story/sound/transfer quality (strong).)

Dredd sequelWhile DVD sales may not be enough to ensure a return trip to Mega City One (fingers still crossed, though!), Karl Urban states he would be open to return as the titular character while also admitting that it’s not really up to him.  However, Urban’s Hollywood stock is fairly high and sure to rise even further once Star Trek Into Darkness drops next weekend here in the U.S.  Perhaps that (and, if necessary, a Kickstarter movement) would be enough to propel a Dredd sequel forward?  One can only wish.

Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams could also cast Urban in the new Star Wars installment to further raise Urban’s, and by extension, Dredd‘s cache.  When asked, Urban also comments with enthusiasm about joining Episode 7 in any way, shape or form, stating that he would even don a white Stormtrooper suit if asked.  It will be unlikely that Star Trek and Star Wars cast members will ever mingle in the Abrams’ Star Wars sandbox, but just like a Dredd sequel, you never know — and as proven time and again in Hollywood, anything is possible.

Source: Comicbookmovie.com