According to Marvel’s Avengers 2 casting rumors, the company might be looking at bringing in the brother-sister duo of Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch for The Avengers 2. Now, word comes that they have the “prototype” for the Scarlet Witch and that comes in the form of Saoirse Ronan.

Now, in my eyes, The Scarlet Witch is one of the most detestable heroes in the Marvel Universe. Her and her brother first appeared back in the pages of The X-Men as the children of Magneto and members of his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. However, they soon turned good and were part of the second wave of The Avengers, joining at the same time as Hawkeye and Black Widow.

With Hawkeye and Black Widow as core members of the team in the Marvel Movies universe, it makes sense they would bring in these two as well, although, when it comes to Avengers 2 casting rumors, I would prefer the original members of Ant-Man and Wasp, or even better The Black Panther.

Avengers 2 casting rumorsHowever, they need to do something big to make the Witch a better character than she is in the comics. Ever since she realized her children were not real, she has been a bit unstable and even destroyed 90-percent of the earth’s mutants with the simple words “no more mutants.” Hell, she killed Hawkeye – unforgivable in my eyes.

Now, she is even worse, an arrogant bi*ch who can’t seem to understand that she is a bad person inside and still looks down on others.

God, I hate her more than I hate Quicksilver, who is a lot like Namor, The Sub Mariner when it comes to arrogance.

Anyway, one way to make her a decent character is through casting and Saoirse Ronan is an awesome choice, one of the best young actresses working today (ignore The Host). If they cast her, I can’t wait to see how Joss Whedon brings the character to life if these Avengers 2 casting rumors are true.

And, for those wondering how Marvel can get these two mutants in The Avengers, the deal between Marvel and Fox allows these specific characters to be used in both studio’s movies, with the rule being that Marvel can’t call them mutants or refer to Magneto and Fox can’t ever mention they were Avengers.

Source: Super Hero Hype