The Black Panther rumors just won’t die, making it look like T’Challa is coming to the Marvel movie universe. Of course, they have been simmering for a couple of years now, along with Doctor Strange rumors. Then Morris Chestnut tweeted that he needed to learn more about the character. Now, Latino Review (who seems to be right more than they are wrong) has said that Black Panther is supposed to start shooting next year.


Black Panther rumorsUp until now, everyone assumed that Black Panther was going to just be part of The Avengers 2, which makes sense because he was an important member in the comics, on the animated series, and in the Ultimates movies. Black Panther is a known quantity for fans who followed any of those. But this is the first time a solo movie has been mentioned.

Basically, LR said that they have a “grid” that shows the upcoming Marvel shooting schedule and that Black Panther is set to start shooting in 2014.

Everyone knows that the first movie in Phase 3 is Ant-Man, which starts shooting this year. Also on tap is Doctor Strange, and Marvel releases two movies a year, so they need to figure out what is joining Ant-Man for Phase 3. If they plan on all new solo films, then Black Panther could be a perfect companion piece to Doctor Strange. They could also use Avengers 2 to introduce him to the mainstream movie world to set up his solo launch.

What are your thoughts on these Black Panther rumors? Do you want to see him get his own movie?

Source: Twitter