Yeah, I’m a comic book guy and mostly talk about those movies, but I am a movie fan first and foremost. As a movie fan, I love just about every genre of movies there are, but in my eyes one director stands tall above the rest and his name is Paul Thomas Anderson. Well, PT Anderson’s next movie is an adaptation of the Thomas Pynchon novel Inherent Vice and Anderson is now in talks with Benicio Del Toro  as the Inherent Vice casting continues.

After two movie where Anderson just went off the rails and created some high-concept art with the horror movie There Will be Blood and the incredibly quirky The Master, he looks like he is heading back to make a movie more like one of his early efforts, Boogie Nights, or more accurately  his bizarre trippy movie Punch Drunk Love (still Adam Sandler’s best performance).

The movie is about a stoner private detective in a Noir world who gets beat up a lot. Originally, Robert Downey Jr. was supposed to play Doc Sportello (which would have been perfect casting), but he pulled out and now Joaquin Phoenix is taking on the role (decent, but not as exciting to me). Del Toro will portray the lawyer of Sportello, the man who always has to get him out of trouble.

This sounds like a great deal of fun, and seeing how great Anderson can be in these bizarre sounding movies, I am very excited. What do you think of the Inherent Vice casting so far? Chime in below.

Source: The Wrap