Marvel Comics completely rules the movie world thanks to The Avengers and other spin-off movies from that franchise. Honestly, outside of the Batman franchise, DC Comics has almost nothing to offer for the big screen. However, one area where DC Comics completely rules is in animated feature films. While they may not succeed much on the big screen, the DC Comics animation division really offers some quality work, most of the movies based on beloved story lines from the comics.

DC Comics animationIn a recent interview with Collider, DC head honcho Geoff Johns was talking about how he hopes that the success of Man of Steel will change their big screen success rate. He was asked about previous scripts for movies based on DC Comics characters that have fallen by the wayside along the years. When asked if there was a chance to ever see some of those in an animated movie, Johns mentioned that has been considered.

There’s always a possibility. That’s not the first time that’s come up. There’s always discussions about what would be really cool to do.

With recent movies surrounding Flashpoint and Superman-Brainiac (re-named Superman: Unbound), the thought of some of these unproduced original ideas coming to an animated movie is intriguing. Could you imagine seeing Kevin Smith’s Superman movie in animated form? Maybe that George Miller Justice League movie?

What would you like to see from a DC Comics animation movie?

Source: Collider