A few days ago, reports surfaced that Tom Hiddleston wanted to try his hand at another comic book property and did a makeup test for The Crow. Well, either that didn’t work out the way he hoped, or the studio had other ideas, but now Alexander Skarsgard is the name in line to star in The Crow remake.

Now, I don’t have a problem with Skarsgard and feel he is a pretty damn fine actor, but the thought of the man who brought Loki to life playing Eric Draven in The Crow was too awesome for me to pass up. If Tom Hiddleston is out of the running for The Crow, I am disappointed no matter who replaces him.

The word going around now is that the rumors of Hiddleston wanting to star in  The Crow was false and was just from a “simple conversation” blown out of proportion. How that led to his personal makeup test is unknown, and it sounds like the studio wants Skarsgard and they are just dismissing the chance of Hiddleston playing the character.

That still sucks.

Anyway, the word from Deadline is that the role of Eric Draven, the superhero in The Crow, is Alexander Skarsgard’s if he wants it. Of course, the movie is in early development, with a new director in line to helm it, and things could change.

What do you think? Would you rather see Alexander Skarsgard or Tom Hiddleston in The Crow remake?

Source: Deadline