You ever wondered what a comic book movie starring Colin Firth would be like? Well, here is your chance!

The Oscar winning actor is in discussions to star in Matthew Vaughan’s next film The Secret Service. The film was co-written by Matthew Vaughan alongside his long time collaborator Jane Goldman. Vaughan is also directing and producing the feature under his Marv Films brand with 20th Century of Fox handling the distribution.

The Secret Service castThe comic book series,which was illustrated by Dave Gibbons involves a British secret agent who recruits his nephew into the service and trains him. Firth is rumored to be playing the role of the uncle in the upcoming film. It’s about time we see him play a badass. Aaaron Johnson– also known to most as the Kick-Ass character– was contacted to take on the nephew role but was unavailable due to schedule conflicts.

Firth is an extremely talented performer and I personally cannot wait to see this happen. In fact, I didn’t even realize my desire to see him handle such a tougher role until I heard this news. With Matthew Vaughan at the helm, this is sure to be a solid change for the Oscar winner.

The Secret Service will hit theaters November 14th, 2014!

What do you think about Colin Firth being added to The Secret Service cast?

Source: Latino Review