The long rumored Vacation sequel has been delayed due to creative differences. From the sound of it, some people want it to be a PG-13 comedy while others want it to be R-rated, much like the original movies. Because no one can come to an agreement, the entire movie has been put on hold.

The Vacation sequel was going to star Ed Helms as a grown Rusty Griswold as he ends up getting his family into a giant mess, much like his father before him. Christina Applegate was also on board as his wife, while Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo were rumored to be coming back in cameo roles.

John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein (The Incredible Burt Wonderstone) were making the movie and everything looked good to go until this ratings snafu started. I don’t really see the problem with making it R-rated. Most of the fans of the franchise are older and movies like The Hangover and Ted prove that people will pay to see a good R-rated movie.

Could you imagine the first movie without the gratuitous swimming pool shot or the Christmas movie without Chase’s R-rated diatribe? I say just make it R-rated and sell it for what it is. It’s a Vacation sequel starring the guy from The Hangover, how hard is that?

Source: Collider