For a while now, we’ve been hearing about the crazy production of the very first Metallica film.  Well Renegades, the spirit of Metallica is almost ready to embrace the big screen– And by big screen, I’m talking the most immersive format offered today. The film is titled Metallica Through The Never and it will hit IMAX screens this Fall according to an official press release.

The film is directed by award-winning director Nimrod Antal, who most recently tackled Predators for Robert Rodriguez. Unlike most concert films, this one is unlike any other according to the creators. The film invokes a two-story line narrative– one involving  a giant-sized Metallica show, the other involving “a band crew member who is sent out on a mission during Metallica’s roaring live set in front of a sold-out arena.” The band crew member played by Dane Dehaan (Chronicle, The Amazing Spider-Man 2), is said to have his world turned “completely upside down” while carrying out the objective.

When asked about appearing on the humongous IMAX format, famous drummer Lars Ulrich responded enthusiastically by saying:

metallica imax“IMAX! It doesn’t get bigger or cooler than that!… For four guys in a rock band of average height, to get a chance to unleash their 3D film on IMAX screens the size of buildings across the country is a mind-blowing thought. ‘Hey look, Mom, I’m 50 feet tall (finally!)’ There is no better way to experience film and when you throw in the spectacle of music and sound this should amount to an unprecedented, unique and truly next level experience.”

Apparently, the studio shares Lars excitement as well. Bob Berney, the CEO of Picturehouse, who is distributing the film adds this about the decision to go big.

“The totally immersive experience of IMAX 3D is the perfect complement to Metallica’s in-your-face, big and loud performance style,.. The combination of the band’s music and a strong storyline create a unique cinematic experience for die-hard fans and general moviegoers alike.”

Greg Foster, Chairman  and President of IMAX Entertainment further adds:

metallica imax“Nimród Antal and Metallica have done a tremendous job capturing the essence of the band’s commanding live performances and have created a visual and aural cinematic spectacle,.. We believe the power of The IMAX Experience® will deliver for Metallica fans and ensure they feel every part of this journey.”

Now, the film itself will not be shot with IMAX technology but in fact digitally converted and remastered to form image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® utilizing the IMAX DMR® (Digital Remastering) technology. This is nothing new given films like Tron: Legacy and Skyfall were also remastered for full IMAX quality.

I. myself have never watched a concert film at the movies as of yet but I will most likely end up breaking the cycle for this event. Seriously, how many times will you be able to watch a Metallica IMAX experience? Not many. I’ve seen the Metallica live show five times and every performance is an absolute kick ass experience. I cannot imagine how this is going to translate to the eight-story screen. On top of that, we have an actual narrative to guide us along for the crazy ride. I can’t wait!

Are you ready for the first ever Metallica IMAX experience? Tell us below!

Metallica Through The Never hits IMAX September 27th and expands to general theaters October 4th!