The brand new issue of Heavy Metal Magazine is spotlighting an interesting new comic story called Dravn. Basically, Dravn looks at the question of whether superheroes always existed, buried somewhere under our mythology and folklore?

DravnThese aren’t men in tights like Superman and Batman, but are instead the demi-gods that at one time roamed the earth.

The story was created and written by filmmaker Jesse Negron (American Fighter Pilot) and Dave Elliott (Atomeka) with creatures designed by Hollywood concept artist Keith Thompson (Pacific Rim), drawn by numerous artists including those from Imaginary Friends Studios and STELLAR Labs.

 “I have always felt fiction is escape,” Elliott said. “Anything that takes you from where you are to someplace else is by definition escape. I think the metaphor is the most effective way of achieving that escape. By creating something that feels familiar and resonates with you it’s easier to believe in and therefore a more immersive experience can be achieved. With DRAVN we’re taking you to places that you’ve heard of and are familiar with and subverting them. Not much different from doing an “Elseworlds” or a “What If” story but with history and myth.”

The story sees various characters, from Camelot knights, Romanian impalers and Nazi stormtroopers, all connected by greater forces. Super beings stand as the decision makers for the world while humans are forced to struggle with the repercussions.

For more information about Dravn, visit or pick up this month’s issue of Heavy Metal Magazine.