Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, has confirmed that Disney and Marvel once again hold the movie rights to the character of Daredevil. Many presumed that the rights had reverted back to the parent company after Fox failed to start production on a new Daredevil movie, but until now there was never a public announcement regarding Daredevil film rights.

At an Iron Man 3 press junket with Newsarama, Kevin Feige was asked if the rights to the Man Without Fear did end up reverting to Marvel. Feige gave a very quick confirmation.

To Daredevil? Yes.

Apparently, those three words were the only ones that were addressed regarding Daredevil, and the conversation returned to questions about Iron Man.

Even though nine years had passed since Ben Affleck wore the red leather suit, Fox was still trying to put together a reboot of the character as late as last year. David Slade was actually attached to direct the film at one point, but later the word was that Joe Carnahan was in the mix, trying to adapt a darker script that kept very closely to the Frank Miller version of the story.

I’m very glad to hear that Daredevil film rights is back where it belongs. I’ve always had a soft spot for him, and while I didn’t hate the 2003 film as much as everyone else did, the character always deserved better than Fox gave him. I’m sure that eventually Marvel will develop a new film for Matt Murdock, and they could very well give him some kind of association to the Avengers. However, I don’t think he’ll be joining the team directly. He’s always been more of a street level defender as opposed to working on the team that frequently fights otherworldly foes.

What do you think about Daredevil film rights going back home to Marvel? Do you think that he’ll eventually end up joining the Avengers? Who do you think should actually play Daredevil? Why don’t you just tell us what you think in the comments below?

Source: Slashfilm