Last year, Universal picked up the rights for a Fifty Shades of Grey movie, and there have been many rumors circulating about the upcoming film ever since. The Twilight fanfiction/BDSM bestseller does not have any stars or a director officially signed on as of yet, but it seems that director Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting, Milk) is trying to get on board.

Fifty Shades of GreyApparently Van Sant filmed the scene where innocent Anastasia Steele loses her virginity to extremely kinky billionaire Christian Grey, submitting it to Universal in hopes of receiving an offer for the job. Cast as Christian Grey for the scene is none other than Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike, Beastly, I Am Number Four), one of the fan favorites for the leading role. The actress who played Anastasia Steele is currently unknown.

This small project, though exciting for fans of the erotica series, in no way confirms Gus Van Sant or Alex Pettyfer as being signed on for the film.

I admit that I am guilty of having read these novels, but as to why they were picked up to make a movie, I could not give you a reason. It just goes to show that Hollywood nowadays will make a movie from anything that’s a current fad, because the books were absolutely beyond ridiculous.

The obvious obstacle is how they are going to make a film suitable to be shown in theaters. The only option I can think of is to cut out the sex, then piece together the rest of the storyline from all three books together. The reality is that there is only enough story in the trilogy to make one movie, the rest of it is simply porn.

What do you think of Universal making a Fifty Shades of Grey movie? Do you think it’s even possible to class it up? Share your thoughts below.