This episode of Bates Motel kept everything rolling with action, surprises and obviously, truths coming out.  Truths regarding the death of Dylan’s co-worker and his killer, truths regarding the hidden girl and Shelby, truths regarding who really killed Norman’s father…they were all revealed this week!

The Breakdown

This week Norma was extremely upset to learn that Deputy Shelby was keeping a girl in his basement as part of a sex ring in the town.  After the news, Norma sped off and as Emma looked on Norman jumped through the passenger window into the car.  After a few laps around the parking lot (it was actually pretty comical), Norman got Norma to stop.  Later as Emma tried to get Norman and Norma to go to the police about the girl, Norma repeatedly explained they would wait until the next day.  Emma had no choice but to leave the motel in agreement.

Bates Motel The TruthDylan paid a visit to his big boss to explain what happened with Ethan.  After telling his boss that he ran over Ethan’s killer, his boss was impressed that Dylan took initiative.  Upon setting Ethan’s truck on fire in the forest, a long-time co-worker named Remo was sent to pick Dylan up.  The impression that Dylan made on his boss was a good one as he was promoted to Remo’s boss.

Later Norma was primping to pay a visit to Shelby.  She was quickly talked out of it by Norman, but after Norman and Dylan left Shelby showed up at the house.  Norma was resistant, sickened at the thought of being intimate with him after what he had done.  However in order to keep her cover, she agreed to head to a room in the motel with Shelby. 

Bates Motel The TruthIt did not take long for Shelby to figure out that someone was staying at the motel.  Norma of course tried to stop him from looking around, but did not get far.  Shelby found the room the girl was staying in and pounded on the door trying to find out who was inside.  When the door opened and Shelby saw the girl, the action really got going.  She ran, he chased her, and Norma chased him.  Shelby shot at her as Norma tried to stop him and Shelby threw Norma to the ground and continued his hunt for the girl.

In the meantime, Dylan and Norman headed to Summers’ boat where the girl was being held, in hopes that Shelby hid the tool belt there.  They were right – after a bit of searching the guys found the belt and tossed it into the water.  During their search Dylan continued to tell Norman they should move in together and tried to seal the deal by telling Norman that his mother actually killed his father.

Bates Motel The TruthWhen Dylan and Norman arrived back at the motel, Norma was just getting up after being thrown down by Shelby.  Dylan told her that Norman would be moving in with him.  Norma was more upset about that news than she was to tell them what just happened with Shelby and the girl.  However, she soon told them, but was still more concerned about Norman.

At this point, Shelby returned to the threesome, took Dylan’s gun and ordered them all back up to the house at gunpoint.  He sat them at the table and after a couple of slaps to Norma, Norman flipped out.  He lunged at Shelby which caused one of the guns to fall.  Dylan grabbed the gun as Shelby threw Norman head first into a bookcase.

Bates Motel The TruthAs Norma tended to Norman who was knocked out cold, Dylan and Shelby started a gun fight in the house.  Chasing and shooting at each other, Dylan was shot in the arm and Shelby in the leg.  As the fight continued upstairs, Norma was able to get Norman outside and down to the car.  Just when she realized she did not have her car keys, Norma heard a few shots fired and then silence.  She waited to see who would emerge from the house.  It was Shelby, but he was shot badly and blood dripped from his face.  When he tried to make his way down the steps, he dropped – and then came Dylan (whew!) the victor!

While Norman sat in the car completely stunned from everything, Norma told Dylan how Norman was the one who killed his father; although Norman does not appear to remember any of it.

The Analysis

Well Bates Motel continues to be full of action as well as bombshells with every episode.  What is consistently surprising to me, besides what we discover in each episode, is how quickly resolutions to the stories are happening.  I did not expect Norma to be arrested for Summers’ murder so quickly, I did not expect Norman to hook up with Bradley so quickly, and I did not expect the Shelby/Summers/sex ring/ story to end so quickly (assuming it has really ended).  Maybe I am just used to stories being drawn out a little more in these types of dramas. 

Bates Motel The TruthRegarding this episode specifically, The Truth, it was really packed with a lot!  There was a lot of action, drama, surprises, and of course, truths.  But, I have to admit I was disappointed at the early demise of Shelby.  I thought they would keep cuddling with Norma a bit longer, just to annoy Norman.

What did not surprise me, but was interesting to see, was just how strong of a woman Norma Bates is!  She put up with a lot in her past and got knocked around quite a bit in the present.  But, she just keeps getting back up on her feet and taking it.  That Norma is one tough cookie.

The revelation that Norman killed his father was not really a surprise to me either.  I think we saw that coming with Norman’s blackouts, violent tendencies, and that trance he seems to go into when he becomes super angry over his mother.    

I had to score this episode a little lower than the previous episodes, unfortunately.  I feel like they are trying to put too much into each show.  I would like to see stories play out just a little longer and give us more time to really get in touch with each character as well as story before it is over.