Yep, You read correct Renegades! Charlie Brown and the gang are returning to the big screen. AICN reports that at CinemaCon today, Blue Sky Studios– creators of Ice Age and the new film Epic–  unveiled a 3D trailer for a Peanuts film. AICN described the presentation by saying, “The footage was merely Charlie Brown in CG, with sun rising over a round surface that you think is a planet, but turns out to be Charlie Brown’s head.” Sounds pretty funny.

charlie brown movie

I have to agree with the boys at AICN, when saying the prospects of this actually turning out great are worrisome. Blue Sky has only made one solid Ice Age film and the partnering FOX hasn’t done much better in the animation department. However, responses for the new Blue Sky film Epic have sounded promising, so maybe there is hope for poor old Charlie Brown.

Despite my lack of faith with FOX, I really hope this turns out good. It would be kick ass to see Snoopy and Woodstock in  the movie theaters again. Lord knows it would be a great experience for kids.

The film is set to be directed by Steve Martino, who also handled Ice Age: Continental Drift. The film has no planned release schedule as of yet.

Would you be down to see another Charlie Brown movie? Tell us below!

Source: AICN