Easily, one of my favorite comic book adaptations of all-time is The Crow. The original movie, with Brandon Lee as The Crow and Michael Wincott as the villainous Top Dollar, was just about the perfect Gothic comic book movie. There were three sequels to that movie, none coming close to the brilliance of the original, and now there is going to be a Crow remake. While I was not enthused at all about the news of a remake, the word that Tom Hiddleston is up for the lead role has piqued my interest.

Of course, Hiddleston has comic book experience playing the awesome Loki in the Marvel movie universe. His portrayal of Loki remains one of the best villains in any of the Marvel movies, bringing angst and humanity to the character, especially in Thor. I can’t even fathom how awesome he would be as The Crow.

Crow remakeThe biggest problem with The Crow sequels is that the stories were just crap, and only Eric Mabius was decent as a replacement for the late Brandon Lee. The Crow: City of Angels with disappointing, The Crow: Salvation was the best of the sequels, and The Crow: Wicked Prayer is one of the worst movies ever made (Edward Furlong as The Crow, Tara Reid “acting”).

The Crow remake will see Javier Gutierrez directing the movie based on a script by Cliff Dorfman (Warrior), but my selling point will be Tom Hiddleston. Rumors have it that he did his own personal makeup test and sent it to the producers, so it is clear he wants the role. He will do a professional makeup test in the next few days and I am crossing my fingers that he makes it.

Tom Hiddleston might be the one thing that makes me actually want to see a Crow remake.

Source: Collider