Warner Bros. has announced they have cast Tom Cruise in Yukikaze, bringing the actor back for another sci-fi film.

It almost seemed that Cruise was starting to fall into a rut of spy movies, but with three science fiction movies this close together, it seems to create breathing space between the Mission Impossible franchise and his alleged Man from U.N.C.L.E. role. If nothing else, that should make D-Rock happy.

Tom Cruise YukikazeYukikaze is based on the series of Japanese novels by Chohel Kamayashi about a defense force that fights off attacking aliens who entered our atmosphere through a wormhole over Antarctica. The Yukikaze is the name of the fighter plane used on the missions.

Yukikaze has already been made into a number of direct-to-video anime movies that won two animation awards over its franchise.

With Oblivion coming this weekend, and an International take already guaranteed after opening No. 1 last weekend, it seems like sci-fi will be a nice secondary genre for Tom Cruise. Yukikaze will also follow another sci-fi movie called All You Need is Kill, a movie where Cruise’s character dies over and over again, caught in a time loop that sees him becoming stronger and more skilled as the deaths add up.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter