The Wolverine is getting closer, and now that we have seen the first official Wolverine trailer, Fox is offering us a new Japanese Wolverine samurai poster to whet our appetites for the movie. I like the design, as Wolverine is just standing there with his claws extended and a sword held high.

I have to admit, I am still a little worried since seeing the first Wolverine trailer for the movie. It’s the fight on top of the speeding train that I’m not a fan of, because I really want Fox to get Wolverine right this time and the Chris Claremont story this is based on has all the promise in the world.

However, this Wolverine samurai poster has me a little more hyped for the movie because this art has more of the feel that I was hoping for before that first trailer aired. Plus, it is better than what the U.S. promotional team has given us so far.

Check out the Japanese Wolverine Samurai poster and let us know what you think.

Wolverine samurai poster