This was another drama-packed episode of Bates Motel.  After Norman and Bradley got closer last week, Emma was disappointed to hear just how close this week.  Norma and Shelby got getting even closer and Norman and Dylan shared some moments of their own.  All that aside, there were a lot of surprises this week!

The Breakdown

Ocean View had an almost comical start as we saw Norman strolling happily home from Bradley’s house the morning after their intimate night.  However Norman’s mood changed very quickly as he found out his mother was arrested for the murder of Keith Summers.

Bates Motel Ocean ViewWhen Norman and Dylan went to the jail to try and help Norma she refused and became angry when she found out that Norman had told Dylan what really happened with Summers.  She screamed at them both to leave.

Dylan asked his co-worker Ethan if his boss would advance him $5k so that he could get a place for him and his brother to live.  In the meantime, Norman hunted for the deed to the hotel to use as collateral to bail his mother out of jail.  After Emma drove Norman to the bail bondsman, Norman told her about the girl in Shelby’s basement, but would not go any deeper into it until he could help his mother.

When Norman went to greet his mother after being released from jail the next day, Norma was less than happy to see Norman.  Then when the two of them visited with Norma’s defense attorney, things did not improve.  Norma refused to admit that she killed Summers and stormed out of the attorney’s office.  On the ride home, Norma’s mood worsened and she ended up kicking Norman out of the car for a nice 10-mile walk home.

Bates Motel Ocean ViewLuckily Dylan drove by; Norman hopped onto Dylan’s motorcycle and headed home for a heart-to-heart about Norma being a drama-addict.  Dylan told Norman about the place he planned to rent down by the water with an “Ocean View”.  He told Norman that he wanted the two of them to live together.  Norman was not receptive to leaving his mother.

Dylan’s co-worker Ethan surprised him with the $5k he needed and suddenly a man who owed Ethan money showed up and shot Ethan in the neck.  Dylan drove Ethan to the hospital and left before he could be questioned.  But it did not end there.  Later that night as Dylan was driving through town he saw the man who shot Ethan.  He slammed on the gas and ran the man over.

bates_motel_105In the meantime, Norma and Shelby met secretly.  After telling Norma that they should not see each other for a while, Shelby admitted that he loved her.  Later Shelby entered the police station for work, distracted the clerk and grabbed the carpet fiber evidence from Keith Summers’ watch out of the evidence room.  Norma soon received a call from her attorney telling her that there would no longer be a case against her because the key evidence had disappeared.

Bates Motel Ocean ViewAfter some searching, Emma found out that Keith Summers owned a boat.  As she tried to tell Norman the details, he was distracted waiting to hear from Bradley and told Emma about that two of them.  Emma was obviously not happy.  Thinking that they may find something leading to the girl from Shelby’s basement on Summers’ boat, Norman agreed to search for the boat with Emma.  They ended up actually finding the boat and the girl was on it!  They took her back to the motel to clean her up.

Once at the motel it was not long before Norma noticed Emma’s car parked outside.  Upon entering the room with Norman, Emma and the girl it was not long before Norma had to defend her boyfriend.  Norman explained that this was the girl he saw in Shelby’s basement.  Norma finally showed a picture to the girl and the girl confirmed it – Shelby was the one keeping her for sex.

The Analysis

Another stellar episode of Bates Motel!  I was really surprised with the whole Dylan – Ethan – shooting – running over with a truck – story.  I did not see any of that coming.  This really adds some depth to the show as we continue to get to know Dylan and what part he will really play in Norman’s life.

Bates Motel Ocean ViewI am not sure where the story with Emma, Norman and the girl they found will lead, but I have a feeling it will get a lot more interesting.  Now that Norma knows Norman was not seeing things and Shelby was hiding a girl in his basement; I cannot wait to hear what Shelby will tell her about it all.

I am also certain that the sheriff will be more than unhappy with the missing evidence and subsequent case against Norma for Summers’ murder going down the tubes.  I just wonder if Shelby will become a suspect in assisting Norma and just how soon that will happen.

Then there is poor Norman.  He was so happy at the beginning of the episode after hooking up with Bradley the night before.  All the drama with his mother aside for a moment; how upset was Norman that his new “girlfriend” would not even respond to him throughout the episode? 

Again, it was another terrific episode.  There was a lot of drama, a decent amount of action, good surprises, and some really interesting stories to keep us hanging until next week’s show.