As if you couldn’t get more excited about Man of Steel, this latest Man of Steel trailer will send you into the stratosphere. man of steel trailerSpecific details regarding the film’s plot remain scant, but the trailers touch on the basic points that drive the Superman mythology (Krypton’s destruction, Clark’s relationship with his “foster parents”, etc.). Not a whole lot is spoiled, but what is truly amazing about this particular trailer is that it touches on those points in a way that we’ve never seen before on a scale that we’ve never experienced before. I assure you, the first few seconds will suck you in. If Zack Snyder plays his cards right and follows through on what these trailers have shown us, this could very well be the best Superman movie yet. Now that I’ve said my piece, stop reading and click play if you haven’t seen the new Man of Steel trailer.


What did you think of the new Man of Steel trailer?

Source: Youtube